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Luma exists to improve lives. An organisation grown from the belief that women deserve to be recognised for who they are, valued for what they bring to the communities they are part of, and supported in ways that allow them to grow and thrive.

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Medical clinics run for women, by women.

We offer the best quality healthcare from doctors and nurses who understand women’s health. Our team gives you the listening and support you deserve, helping you reach your full potential.

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Connect with those experiencing a similar challenge, access a community of non-judgemental support, and stay focused on your progress together.

We offer a dynamic choice of groups: from structured, weekly programs – to free, open and ongoing groups.

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  • “This group has really helped me and my children, especially myself as a parent and how to handle certain issues/situations with children. The support that I have received here has really benefited me immensely. I really appreciate this place and the people that work here. ”
    Children & Parenting Program participant, June 2024
  • “Luma has helped facilitate me in my recovery from AOD and heal from a domestic violent relationship. For this I am ever so grateful. It has changed my world for the better. ”
    Counselling client, June 2024
  • “I would not be where I am right now if it wasn’t for this service.”
    Family & Domestic Violence Services participant, June 2024
  • “Cannot thank the facilitators enough for their support and educational information. I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend. ”
    Body Esteem Program participant, June 2024
  • “The peer support experienced in the group and the connections and sense of community provided were invaluable. The sharing of lived experiences has really helped me not to feel so alone in the recovery process.”
    Body Esteem Program participant, March 2024
  • “I walked away feeling very heard, seen, validated and understood. I appreciated Sara listening to my story and giving me the space I needed. It felt cathartic. ”
    Family & Domestic Violence Services participant, March 2024
  • “I felt for the first time in a long time that I was listened too.”
    Family & Domestic Violence Services participant, March 2024
  • “It helped by expanding on healthy strategies, also on motivation to recover… It helped me to not feel so alone and ashamed in my journey.”
    Body Esteem Program participant, October 2023
  • “The team were amazing. From the reception who helped me with my medicare care while being kind and courteous, to the nurse who gave me advice, listened to me and was practical in her recommendations. I have already recommended the clinic to many people I know and will continue to do so.”
    Luma Medical client, October 2023
  • “The support worker was brilliant calling me and having a chat, listening, validating me as a carer. Facilitators were wonderfully bright, attentive and informative.”
    Body Esteem Program participant, October 2023
  • “By far the best experience I’ve had at a doctors. The nurses were extremely thorough and helpful. They made me feel super comfortable and I left feeling really comfortable and informed.”
    Luma Medical client, September 2023
  • “I have already recommended the clinic to a friend as a superior option for women’s health services. The level of “service” far surpassed any experience I have had at any GP or hospital. I felt informed and comfortable in the knowledge that I was in good hands and had made an informed decision.”
    Luma Medical client, August 2023
  • “I cannot thank you enough for everything you have taught me over the past several years – your empathy, wisdom & generosity will be forever cherished. Thank you for giving me the tools to be a better parent.”
    Perinatal program participant, July 2023
  • “I have a lot more understanding about my substance use and my confidence in reducing is increasing.”
    Alcohol and Other Drug Program participant, June 2023
  • “I am so thankful to have been able to work with you [BEP peer worker], you honestly changed my life. Recovery is so great. It’s so nice to be able to see the light after all the years of darkness. And to now be able to use those experiences to help others makes recovery even more worth it.”
    Body Esteem Program participant, March 2024

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  • Government of Western Australia, Department of Communities
  • City of Perth, City of Light
  • Women's Legal Service WA
  • WA Primary Health Alliance
  • Belmont: City of Opportunity
  • Patricia Giles Centre for Non-Violence
  • Naala Djookan Healing Centre
  • Midland Women's Health Care Place Incorporated
  • Government of Western Australia Mental Health Commission
  • Jean Hailes for Women's Health
  • Connect Wanju