Want to learn more about us, and what we offer? Explore our frequently asked questions below.
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    • We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation offering free and low-cost healthcare to women and families in Western Australia. We believe in supporting every woman’s potential.

    • Any women over the age of 18 years, although some services also include support for children, youth, all genders, men, and families.

    • Fill in our Contact Form, and our team will give you a call to chat over what you need. Alternatively, you can call us on 6330 5400.

    • After your referral or enquiry is received, our Intake team will contact within one week for a 15-30 min telephone assessment. For priority clients, we will call within 48 hours. We will run through personal information, general concerns, and what support you are hoping for. We will then send you in the right direction, based on the option that suits you best.

    • Absolutely. Our practitioners across all services hold the ethical responsibility to not disclose to others information obtained in the context of the client relationship.

    • We are happy to organise and use language or Aslan interpreters for individual appointments.

      Please let us know if you need an interpreter at the time of booking your appointment. We will organise an interpreter from one of our preferred providers to attend the appointment either face-to-face or over the phone.

    • We make our services and programs as accessible as possible. Some are free, while others require a fee.

    • Referrals from agencies or health professionals you’re working with are helpful, but not required. You can book yourself into most of our programs directly by ‘self-referring’. Head to Contact to get in touch, or simply give us a call.

    • This varies for each program and changes frequently. Please enquire to find out about a specific program.

    • Unfortunately, we don’t offer free parking as this is hard to come by in Northbridge. In Northbridge, there is a Wilson paid parking zone connected to our building, where you can usually find a space parking bay. At Joondalup, street parking is available.

    • We cannot offer financial support. However, for those in our domestic violence programs we can point you in the right direction to receive financial assistance or advice.

    • Yes! We offer several pathways to volunteer: through the Mental health Commission Volunteer Drug and Alcohol Counselling Program, or you can contact us directly.

    • Yes! However, this needs to be organised through your educational institution. Please arrange your course coordinator to reach out to us. We take on students for many different timeframes, although it will often be at the commencement of a semester, as per unit requirements.

    • We take a range of students in many different specialist areas: from medical to Aboriginal Women’s services, and each requires a different degree or course. Please enquire about the area you are interested in for your internship/work experience through your course coordinator. All students need to have up to date covid vaccinations, WWCC and police clearance.

    • Donations allow us to continue supporting over 7000 every year. You can donate directly to us here, or sponsor a woman experiencing domestic violence through our project, HER Board.

      Help spread the word about what we offer by following and sharing our latest news on social media. We’re on Instagram, Facebook and Linked In.

    • Yes! Our health promotions team travel into the community to spread knowledge about women’s health.

      They are well-versed in public speaking, and experts in women’s health, presenting on self-care, wellness, contraception, health checks, menopause, pelvic pain, endometriosis, healthy active ageing, and more.

      Find out more here.

    • Yes, we offer abortions in Northbridge and Joondalup with one of our female general practitioners. Our medical team are experts in women’s sexual and reproductive health who offer unplanned pregnancy advice so please feel free to reach out for support.

    • Yes. We offer appointments with nurses and general practitioners at our Northbridge and Joondalup clinic.

      Please note, we cannot offer a full GP service as we specialise in women’s sexual and reproductive health. Find out about our specific services here.

    • No, our nurses are available Monday to Friday 9am-4.30pm. For after hours care, you can contact our partner: Night Doctor.

    • Yes, we don’t offer walk in appointments for any service. Please fill in our Contact form or give us a call at 6330 5400.

    • Yes, we offer medical appointments over the phone with one of our Advance Practice Nurses. Call us to book an appointment.

    • Yes, please book in with a general practitioner in person, or if your appointment was less than one year ago, you can book a telehealth appointment.

    • We don’t, although National Cervical Screening Program sends out reminders to women every five years, or more frequently depending on each woman’s medical needs. We send your screening to the Cervical Screening Program to trigger the next reminder.

    • Yes, please book with one of our friendly general practitioners in Northbridge.

    • Referrals from agencies or health professionals you’re working with are helpful, but not required. You can book yourself into most of our programs directly by ‘self-referring’. Head to Contact to get in touch.

    • A MHTP is not required, although we do accept referrals from all health professionals. However, if you have a MHTP and are looking for a psychologist, we offer private psychology sessions through our second business: Health Sense Psychology & Wellness.

    • All clients are referred in through our Contact form.

      However, if you are contacting us about domestic violence, you can fill in this referral form.

    • Our counsellors are university qualified, which means they have a Bachelor and/or Master’s degree. Some of our counsellors are also registered psychologists. Most of our counsellors have years, and sometimes decades, of experience in the therapy space – so even though the sessions are financially accessible, a high quality of care and service is always delivered.

    • This varies depending on community needs at the time, please enquire with us about a specific service or program to discover waiting periods.

    • Our counselling program is designed to offer short-term support. We start with 6 sessions and then review progress, although we are flexible in catering to the level of care needed for each individual.

    • Yes! Your sessions can be in person, over the phone or online.

    • We gratefully accept a $20 donation for each session, and we are always open for discussions in situations of financial hardship. Sessions are free for all health care card holders.

    • A form of therapy that focuses on relationships among family members.

      A family therapist will reduce conflict and improve communication, while encouraging open and balanced dialogue. We provide a safe environment where each member can learn to express thoughts and feelings, build empathy, foster healthy boundaries and work towards restoring cohesive relationships.

      Family therapy can involve any combination of family members.

    • Two or more people from the same family attend sessions together to work on communication, emotional regulation, and relationship issues.

    • Family therapy is open to any family with kids between the age of 0 and 24.

    • Family therapy sessions are free.

    • 12 sessions are offered to families.

    • In Northbridge, Joondalup, or Midland.

    • Yes! We can offer telehealth, although we find in-person sessions are most effective.

    • A service designed to support people with eating disorders in their recovery journey. We provide a safe, trauma-informed, recovery-focused, non-judgmental environment for people to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food, eating and body image.

    • Anyone! We can provide support to youth, adults and all genders. We also have a support program available for parents, carers and partners in their journey supporting loved ones with eating disorders.

    • We offer five different programs so you can find the support most suitable to your lifestyle, whether that is in person, over the phone or online. Explore our program here.

    • We can work with you if you are experiencing Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, OSFED, or body image concerns. However, we are not equipped to support people with ARFID. A diagnosis is not required to attend any of our programs.

    • The program is delivered by peer workers who have lived experience of an eating disorder and recovery. They may share some of their experiences in a sensitive, considered, and appropriate manner to inspire hope. They are not medical or psychological clinicians, although they are trained to be curious about people’s experiences, to recognise signs of distress, to offer ideas, hints and tips about recovery, and to provide resources and education about eating disorders. 

    • Eating disorders are a complex, biological, psychological, brain-based illness. Our program is not a cure for eating disorders. It is a therapeutic, community-based journey on your way to recovery.

    • No, you can simply enrol yourself! However, we encourage you to also find medical and psychologist experts to monitor your health and wellbeing as well.

    • We accept no more than twelve people, and the same people attend from start to finish, which allows you to maintain a feeling of safety and familiarity throughout the course.

    • The price varies. The 20-week groups are $350; individual sessions are $10 each and our 1-day parent/partner workshop are $75/pp or $100 for a couple. All programs are free of charge for people with a valid Health Care Card. We cater as much as we can to those experiencing financial hardship, so we encourage you to speak with a BEP team member in this case.

    • Group programs are held in Northbridge, individual sessions are offered in Northbridge and Joondalup, and our 1-day parent/partner workshop is held in Joondalup.

    • No, all alcohol and other drug groups, programs and counselling sessions are free.

    • Yes! Support people are more than welcome to come along. Alternatively, they can wait outside, ready to support you after your session.

    • No, registration is not necessary. These groups are open, ongoing, and flexible, so you are welcome to come along anytime you wish.

    • You are welcome to attend no matter where you are on your recovery journey. We meet you at your personal stage to identify your own personal goals and recovery plan, in a warm and welcoming space – with no judgment.

    • Yes. We can register you into the Work Development Permit Scheme (WDPS) and arrange to have fines paid off as you attend counselling and groups.

    • Ask your counsellor or group facilitator and they will get the process started for you by registering you for the scheme.

    • Yes.

    • We can work with clients up to 12 weeks, and longer whenever needed.

    • We can provide an interpreter for your sessions with us, just mention this at the time of booking so we can organise this for you.

    • No, we can assist all women, no matter the residency status. We also offer free, individual sessions with a lawyer if you need advice on visas, or any other legal matter.

    • Yes. You do not need a professional referral to access our program. Fill in your details here or give us a call.

    • The sessions will be most helpful for you to attend alone, because personal and often intimate detail is disclosed. You are more than welcome to bring a support person along, although we cannot conduct sessions with children, friends or family present. Feel free to bring them along to Luma and they can wait in the waiting room, ready to support you after the session. If you are bringing children, we have a free creche available, please enquire about this and book in advance.

    • Yes, although we prefer your first session to be in-person as you will get much more from the service. However, we are flexible and understand different circumstances, so if you cannot attend in person, please let us know and we will do our best to work with you.

    • The Parents Next program supports parents and carers who receive a Parenting Payment to plan and prepare for work while addressing their barriers by the time their youngest child is 6 years old (school age). Click here for more information.

    • To become a Participant of the Parents Next you will need to be receiving a Parenting Payment, your youngest child must be under 6 years of age and be living within the Perth North Employment region.

    • Yes, as long as you fit the eligibility criteria, listed in the previous question.

    • Reach out to us at (08) 6330 5400 or employment@luma.org.au and ask to speak to a ParentsNext case manager.

    • Perinatal Mental Health: 0 – 3 | Kids in Focus: 4 – 18 | Family therapy: Adults with children or family members aged 0 – 25.

    • Yes, all of our children and family program are free of charge. However, for our Men’s Circle of Security we ask for a donation to cover the cost of buying food for the group as it runs over dinnertime. Pensioners, concession card holders and people experiencing financial hardship are exempt.

    • Contact us online or give us a call, and we’ll enrol you in the program that best suit your child/children. We will then give you a call to arrange a parent appointment without your child to chat about what’s happening. The counsellor can also explain how the service works and what to expect. Then a regular counselling session can be arranged for your child.

    • It is an organisational requirement that while children are in session their caregivers must remain in the building so that you can be present when it finishes and available if you are needed during the session (for example if your child is feeling anxious and needs to check in with you to feel safe, or if the session needs to end early).

    • Absolutely. It’s best to book a separate appointment with us (over the phone or in person) rather than discussing your child’s progress before or after their appointment.

    • Before your child’s first session, you can tell them that they’ll be coming to meet (counsellor’s name). If you would like to explain why, you could let them know that sometimes when kids are having some difficulties at school/home, etc it can be helpful to have a special place to go, and a special person to talk to.

    • Yes, fathers are more than welcome to attend parent appointments or book a separate parent appointment with us.

    • Whilst this may not be possible at all sessions or groups, you can discuss this with your counsellor and arrange a support person to attend an initial session with you.

    • Yes. Just mention this at the time of enrolling.