We’re counting down!

We’re quickly approaching International Women’s Day 2024. And this year, we’re focusing on the theme of investing in women. We’ll be sharing our thoughts and ideas about how the world can invest more into women and girls on 8th March.

In the meantime, here are three ideas on how you can invest in women today.

1) Become a HER Board sponsor.

You won’t be surprised to hear that we are in the midst of a domestic violence crisis. Every week, one woman is killed by her intimate partner in Australia. And WA is the state with the highest rates of DV.

For decades, we’ve been supporting women in domestic violence situations. In the last financial year, we delivered 2,861 sessions for domestic violence alone. And our programs continue to grow due to much-needed community demand.

We know that domestic violence isn’t a quick fix. Women need a steady, stable organisation and ongoing support to leave domestic violence behind. That’s why we recently created HER Board with the creative minds at VML where you can sponsor a woman experiencing domestic violence, so she can start planning to leave.

Join us here or spread the word through Linked In.

2) Organise your own fundraiser

Giving collectively allows your impact to be that much greater. You could organise an IWD fundraising event at your workplace, commit a portion of your profits for the day towards a charity for women, or perhaps fundraise within your professional network or group of friends.

This year, we have the amazing group of women at 4Five+ (pictured below) cycling around Perth in the morning of IWD to raise donations for Luma. It’s a social-paced ride and open to all, you can join them or find out more here.

Of course, we welcome one-off donations too, which allow us to channel your funds straight into where it’s needed most.

3) Be part of the conversation

We’ve come a long way with women’s rights. But we still have a long way to go.

We want change to the gender healthcare gap. To the gender pay gap. To the underfunding of women’s healthcare. To the crisis of violence against women and children in this country. To women and girls feeling insecure in their bodies. And much more.

We believe that change starts here. It starts with us. It starts with a conversation.

We’ll be joining the conversation and sharing our perspective on March 8th, with our counsellors, nurses, executives and health workers sharing their ideas on how we can all invest more into women and girls.

If you are joining the conversation this IWD or donating to Luma, we’d love to hear from you! Tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Linked In.