We’re all spending more time indoors, at what cost?

Self-isolating at home is a great way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. However, as a result of self-isolating, we are spending more time indoors and this can lead to a deficiency in our Vitamin D levels.

What are the benefits of Vitamin D?

Some amazing benefits of Vitamin D are:

  • Keeping your bones healthy by assisting the absorption of calcium
  • Improving your muscle strength, balance and coordination
  • Helping to boost your immune system!

As you can see, getting enough Vitamin D is important for all of us to stay healthy.

Where do we get Vitamin D?

In Australia our main source of Vitamin D is from sunlight, and with a lot of us self-isolating, we might not be getting as much Vitamin D as we used to.

We can also find small amounts of Vitamin D in healthy foods such as milk, eggs, soy drinks, butter and some fish, so please continue eating your healthy, well-balanced diet! For more information regarding diet please contact our WHFS Dietitian or your doctor.

How to get Vitamin D from the Sun – Safely!

So now we know the importance of Vitamin D, how do we get our daily dose?

Depending on the time of year the recommendations for safe sun exposure are different. Check out the table below to make sure you’re following the right recommendations for you, and always remember to follow sun safety guidelines when you’re outside.