Services for women at every stage of life

Our services are open to all women above the age of 18, and some programs are open to all genders, youth or families.

Our Creche: For women with children, we have a creche available while you are in a session, group or appointment – please book in advance.

Interpreter Service: If English isn’t your first language and you’d prefer to communicate in a different language, we can arrange for an interpreter to attend your sessions with you. Please enquire at the time of booking.

Our Support Groups

Health & wellbeing groups for women

Our dynamic choice of groups gives you the opportunity to empower your health and wellbeing, access a new community of support, and a positive environment to heal and thrive.

Luma, Northbridge

Three women place their hands on top of each other in solidarity

Luma, Joondalup

Two African women smile while talking during a counselling session