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Rebranding Announcement

Welcome to the next chapter of our story.

In 2022, we had a strong feeling it was time for our organisation to grow.

We decided to embrace change and lean into a transformation by completely rebranding. And we’ll tell you why.

Over 45 years, women have changed, grown, and evolved. Today, being a woman is not about similarities, it’s about celebrating our differences. Our organisation has changed too, expanding to offer more services, more locations, better options, and improved accessibility. It was time for our name and visual identity to grow with us, and with our community. 

Since opening our doors in 1977, we’ve been on a mission to support women. This will never change. We will always advocate for women in Western Australia to have better and brighter futures. 

Our new brand, Luma, looks at women of all ages, cultures, beliefs, identities, and abilities. Luma represents our belief that women deserve to be recognised for who they are, valued for what they bring to the communities they are part of, and supported in ways that allow them to grow and thrive.

One year later, our new identity is ready to share with the world. For those who have been returning for years, we hope you’ll feel right at home with our new look and feel. For those who are just learning about Luma, welcome to our non-for-profit organisation, where we support the potential of every woman. 

Luma FAQ

What does Luma mean? The name ‘Luma’ was inspired by the Latin for ‘light’. It was inspired by our purpose of ‘Supporting every woman’s potential’. As a ‘light’, we’re a positive, hopeful presence in a woman’s life, as well as act as a guide showing the way even in darkness.

Why did you change? Our organisation has grown so much over the years, so our brand grew as well to better represent who we are and what we offer. We were often mistaken for a government department as WHFS; Luma helps us establish ourselves as an independent organisation. We had outgrown our old name, so it was time to create room for the future.

Are your services the same? All services remain the same. Only our brand is new.

Will the bank’s financial info / ABN / contracts change? All information stays the same including our ABN and bank details. Our registered business name is still Womens Healthcare Assoc. Inc, and we are now trading as Luma: for her health and wellbeing. All existing contracts and partnerships will continue to be honoured.

What do the lines/dots/shapes mean? Our ‘graphic thread’ is a mass of dots coming together to make shapes larger than themselves. This represents the power of community – coming together to create something meaningful and integral.

Why did you include ‘her’ in the new name? We are a women’s healthcare organisation. Creating a safe space for those who identify as women is something we take seriously, particularly in our medical and family violence services. Therefore, ‘her’ made sense to include in our tagline. We are safe, inclusive and accessible – pronouns are acknowledged, respected and celebrated at Luma.