Every individual has a right to safety. At Luma, we understand what constitutes safety, and are committed to ensuring every person who engages with us has their safety respected. Each person has the right to:

  • physical, emotional and cultural safety
  • be treated with respect and dignity
  • be spoken to in a respectful manner
  • be informed to make decisions about support and services
  • receive reliable, coordinated, safe, quality care and appropriate services 
  • not be discriminated against
  • have access to an interpreter
  • privacy and confidentiality of personal information
  • access their own personal information
  • provide feedback, suggestions, compliments or complaints and be supported in any disputes about services
  • be treated without exploitation, abuse, discrimination, harassment or neglect
  • be supported to maintain and develop identity (including personal, gender, sexuality, cultural, religious and spiritual identity)
  • be supported to maintain and strengthen family and kinship networks

All children accessing services at Luma has the further right to:

  • be treated fairly
  • have a say about decisions affecting them
  • live and grow up healthy
  • complete safety, no matter where they are
  • learning and education
  • play and have fun!

Families and Carers who are supporting someone engaging with Luma have the right to:

  • be recognised, respected and supported as partners in providing services 
  • to choose a person to speak on their behalf for any purpose
  • have their views and needs considered along with those of the person engaging the service, when decisions impact carers

Consumer, families or carers at Luma have the responsibility to:

  • treat staff and other service users with respect and dignity
  • be involved in providing feedback and designing supports or services
  • respect the privacy of others 
  • follow safety procedures
  • never use unsafe actions, such as threats, harassment, intimidating behaviours, or damage to Luma or another person’s property